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By Martin Ince. In , scientists were one of the assets of the defeated Third Reich most sought after by the victorious allies. The story of the rocket scientists sequestered for the Soviet and US space programmes has become familiar. This book sheds light on the more obscure but equally fascinating world of German research into nuclear science. The bulk of the text consists of transcripts of conversations held late in at Farm Hall, near Huntingdon, between 10 captured former luminaries of the German nuclear effort, including distinguished figures like Otto Hahn, Carl von Weisacker, Max Laue and Werner Heisenberg.

Hilarious Ways For Hitler to Die

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Axis occupation of Greece. Axis : Germany Italy. The Italian invasion in October , which is usually known as the Greco-Italian War , was followed by the German invasion in April German landings on the island of Crete May came after Allied forces had been defeated in mainland Greece. These battles were part of the greater Balkan Campaign of Germany.

The early years of the Nazi Party

According to German Army medical reports including Army Norway : [17]. Based on Soviet archives: [22]. Phase 2. Phase 3.
Most infamously, he was one of the main architects of The Holocaust. Many historians regard him as the darkest figure within the Nazi elite, the one most closely resembling the Nazi Aryan ideal of being tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, athletic, intelligent, power hungry, and utterly ruthless and merciless. Heydrich was in his youth known to be athletic, and especially enjoyed swimming and fencing, as well as ballroom dancing and the violin.

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