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Essay on india new land of opportunity

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Indi a is a fastest growing economy in the world. And if we'll se after independence it was difficult for india to speedup the development, Because we were quite backwards in terms of development as compared to other countries. But still we did it. And we have reach the level of strong countries and also crossed the other countries in lot sectors. Which is quite impossible to do after so many loss. And also there is lot of growth i every sectors.

Is America Still "The Land of Opportunity"?

India: The new land of opportunities - The Economic Times

HSBC notes three key drivers of growth for Indian firms, the use of technology, product demand, and the growth of ecommerce. This growing number of high-tech startups means opportunity for technology investors and venture capitalists, both within India and from abroad. In India overtook the U. S for the greatest number of mobile application downloads, reaching One platform forecast that by India will reach The growth has been driven by the availability of cheaper smartphones from China and a subsidization of 4G data in the country.

Immigration to the Land of Opportunity Essay examples

America throughout history has always existed as the land of opportunity. This land gave immigrants the opportunity to leave their country since political unrest and lack of opportunity become an issue. These immigrants were willing to leave behind their homes, cultures, and relationships and start fresh in another country.
We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Words: , Paragraphs: 17, Pages: 5. Paper type: Essay , Subject: America. The progressive era, being known for reform of political corruption, health laws, and labor laws all came with the suffering of thousands. Many of these reforms were at the torment of the immigrants that came to America in search of a better life.

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