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Cause of bullying essay

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Cyber-bullying is the fact of bullying in the form of digital media or devices. It is an ultra- modern term for bullying, as the development of our technology today; it has a pledge of the most difficult issues to resolve in our society. Cyber-bullying issues are more leaning happening in schools, social networking and mobile phones. It is usually done by children, who have increasingly early access to these advances.

Bullying Essay

Cause Of Bullying Essay - Words | Cram

Bullying is becoming a terrible problem in our society. Many kids and teenagers are afraid to go to school and afraid of getting harassed by their peers. The person being bullied may experience depression, social anxiety, sleeping problems, loss of interest in activities they used to like, and eating. The psychological effects for the bullied include suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Every Year over 1 million students get bullied. A bully is worse than a bystandered because a bully is the one who is going to have to take the blame for all things that happen to the person that was bullied. Also would have a lot of guilt on their shoulders.

Causes and Effects of Bullying

Bullying is defined as unwanted or aggressive behavior that causes someone to feel afraid or intimidated. This behavior could be something physical, verbal, or something done electronically or through social media. There are many types of bullying, how to recognize bullying, how to report bullying, what to do if you see incidents of bullying, and what resources are available. Bullying was defined as overly powered strength used when intimidating one, demanding ones request.
Although it means less physical abuse it still causes mental abuse, and can have a more tragic and long-lasting effect on the person. Teachers and adults need to realize how dangerous this new way of bullying has become and how it has greatly impacted kids live in and outside of the classroom. Cyber bullying involves many things, some of which are: gossip, humiliation, or threats. One way cyber bullying can be used is by spreading gossip. Generally, when we speak of being bullied, we often refer to the devastation someone has faced and its consequences.

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