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Write a program to overload binary operator in c

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You can find the complete unary and binary operator table here. Whenever an unary operator is used, it works with one operand, therefore with the user defined data types, the operand becomes the caller and hence no arguments are required. As mention before the overloaded operator function above is an example of unary operator overloading. But you may have notice that when compiling the compiler will give some warnings. What we need are two operator overloaded functions of the exact same signature. Bjarne Stroustrup has provided the solution by introducing the concept of dummy argument, so that it becomes function overloading for the operator overloaded functions.
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Operator Overloding in C++ in C++ with examples -

In this example, you'll learn to subtract complex numbers using operator overloading of the - operator. Since - is a binary operator operator that operates on two operands , one of the operands should be passed as argument to the operator function and the rest process is similar to the overloading of unary operators. In this program, three objects of type Complex are created and user is asked to enter the real and imaginary parts for two complex numbers which are stored in objects c1 and c2. This statement invokes the operator function Complex operator - Complex c2. Then, this function returns the resultant complex number object to main function which is displayed on to the screen. Course Index Explore Programiz.
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Binary Operators Overloading in C++

This tutorial is the answer to his question. First we declare two boxes myBox and myBox2 of the type box, each with a specific volume. Then we use the volume function from the Box class to compute the volume of each box and print the volume size on the screen. The first if statement is using the first inline function of the Box class.
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The process of selecting the most suitable overloaded function or operator is called overload resolution. An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform specific mathematical, logical calculations or some other special operations. The process of having two or more functions with the same name but with different parameters arguments is called function overloading.

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