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Part 2 pesticide spraying case study answer key

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Calibration precisely determines the output of the application equipment under controlled conditions. The pesticide manufacturer spends millions of dollars to determine the rate at which the pesticide should be applied. Proper pesticide application is applying just enough pesticide to give effective control. Unlike the weather, for example, the application rate of the equipment is one factor that is under absolute control of the applicator. Calibrating your equipment is the first step in controlling the application. Calibration will also identify faulty equipment components and provide the applicator with the confidence that comes with a job well done.

Agricultural Pesticides and Human Health

Agroecology - Case 2 - Answer Key

This example has become a classic illustration of the importance of understanding ecological interconnections. The specific pesticide used was not referenced in my sources for this story -- most say DDT, and some say Dieldrin. The pesticide was effective at killing the mosquitoes, but it didn't kill all of the roaches, which accumulated it in their bodies. Lizards living in the thatched huts ate the roaches. The pesticide that they acquired in what process? Cats eating the pesticide-laden lizards died, having also aquired a significant dose of DDT from their habit of licking themselves.

Basic Information about Pesticide Ingredients

You, an applicator working with toxic materials , are interested in safeguarding your health. You also want to protect other people and the environment from pesticide injury. Many pesticide accidents result from careless practices or ignorance. Learn safe procedures; it's for your own good! Would you like to try a study question?
Consult the Midwest Vegetable Guide to find the recommended pest management methods for cucumber beetles for conventional melon growers. Choose two insecticides and for each provide the following information:. How the insecticide should be applied, how often, and at what concentration. The name of the active ingredient in the insecticide, and to what class of pesticides this chemical belongs.

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