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This tutorial is designed to introduce you to the task of editing your thesis. It will introduce you to the three major stages in the editing process and give you the opportunity to put some of the suggestions and techniques presented here into practice in your own writing. Editing is an important part of the writing process and should be a regular part of your writing cycle. As you go through this tutorial you may find it useful to have a section of your writing to hand to practice the editing activities directly on your own work.

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One of the skills I teach my students and research assistants on a regular basis is a method to find new citations across the literature. A paper I was reading said "there is a dearth of studies on street begging, and few if any analyse it's public policy implications" O RLY? Forward citation tracing: Refers to the process of finding the newest articles, books or book chapters that cite a particular paper, book, or book chapter. So, for example, a forward citation tracing on my Review of Policy Research paper on transnational environmental activism will give me 7 citations, which I can then look through in order to see. This one is forward finding the newest articles that cite the one I am looking at by looking at Cited By on Google Scholar pic. Doing a forward citation tracing exercise can allow us to stay in touch with the most relevant research that is following a specific topic.

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